Understanding Justice and Human Rights

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Justice can be defined as, valuing the diversity and challenging the injustice in society while human rights refer to, benefits an individual enjoys by virtual of being a human being. Justice is said to exist when all citizens share a general humanity and, therefore, experience equitable treatment, fair community resource sharing and human right support. According to justice citizens are not supposed to be discriminated, nor their well being or welfare prejudiced or constrained on the lines of gender, religion, age, belief, race, political affiliation and even sexuality. Nathaniel Bacon was leader who believed in war as a means of obtaining justice and protecting the rights of slaves (Zinn 23). He fought as a rebellion…show more content…
Servants who bore children before marriage were considered disobedient to their masters, and termed unclean. Their children could be called Barsterds in the community. However, in today’s society, servants have right. The servants are aware of their rights and freedoms. They can marry anytime they want without consulting their masters. In another article featuring American Slavery under the British human rights and justice violation is exposed. The British definition of the rights and justice was depicted in the acts they did against the Americans during slavery (Douglass 3). To begin with, the mistreatment of children by being forced into working as laborers in the British homes was unjust and lead to the suffering of children. The human rights doctrine states that children should not be employed as labors. If an individual is caught employing children as laborers, he or she could be charged in a court of law and fined heavily. The AuthorLastName5 injustice of the British was never brought into questioning by authority. Instead it was perceived as a normal conduct. If Americans were to be slaves up to date then child laborers could be rampant. The speaker reports that the Americans were not allowed to go to school or receive any form of education. The individuals who sympathized with the blacks, and wanted to teach them how to read and write were captured and heavy punishment befell them. Education is a human right to be enjoyed
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