Understanding Knowledge Of The Tourism Industry Essay

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COMMON ASSESSMENT TASK UNIT STANDARD 23766 DEMONSTRATE KNOWLEDGE OF THE TOURISM INDUSTRY PROVIDER: Marwick Katrina STUDENT NAME: Lacour Hirirau DATE OF ASSESSMENT: 27TH of April (Re-sit) TASK 1 Key characteristics of Tourism (Marwick.2015) Characteristic 1: Tourists are motivated by pre-defined ideas of an ideal holyday and make a decision by weighing the pros and cons of what is closer to that ideal from what is being offered to them. Characteristic 2: Relationship-3P’s: Interrelationships (behaviour) Between People, Places and Products. Characteristic 3: Time: Length of the stay is generally less than a year. Characteristic 4: Movement: Interrelationships evolve through the transportation of people to various destination beyond their normal place of residence Characteristic 5: Impact: Touristic and Industry behaviour will almost always have an impact on the host community TASK 2 Relationship between the travel and the tourism industry in New Zealand In New Zealand the Travel Industry mainly focuses on selling overseas holydays to New Zealanders (Outbound Tourism). New Zealand is therefore viewed as the generating market in this situation. Foreign Outbound wholesalers and travel agents market their products and services to NZ Tour Operators. (Marwick.2015) Whereas the Tourism Industry focuses on selling New Zealand as a host destination (Inbound Tourism). Local tour operators market New Zealand as a holyday destination (FIT, SIT or Inclusive
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