Understanding Leadership And Empowerment Of The Workplace

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Ba, B.-G. M. (2015). Understanding leadership and empowerment in the workplace. European Scientific Journal, 11(35), 342.
Critical Summary of Article Employee empowerment has become an important strategic tool used by leaders of the 21st century. According to Ba (2015), a recent change in management style has led to the empowerment of employees in the workplace creating a situation where empowering followers is an assumed responsibility of all leaders and thought to be a motivational tactic. The relationship between leaders and employee has become more strategic than anytime in business due to globalization. Leaders must understand how to use employee empowerment. Ba suggest, a negative view of a leader can hinder performance; therefore, exploring the aspects that guide followers to develop a positive image of their leader establishes desirable outcomes, and can create a positive view of a leader. Employee empowerment is tested to see if it is the key in aligning organizations systems, processes, people, practices, encourages creativity, innovation, problem solving, and problem resolution within a control framework that is beneficial towards many important aspects (Ba).
Critical Analysis of Research Method
The researchers used a survey process in order to gain results. Stated by Ba (2015), a survey style method was administered to 637 customer service engineers within the same industry whose firms switched from a classical management style to an

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