Understanding Learning Theories And Learning Styles Essay

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Human Resources Development Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Task-1 Understanding learning theories and learning styles 3 1.1 Comparison between different learning styles 3 1.2 The role of the learning curve and the importance of transferring learning to the workplace 5 1.3 The contribution of learning styles and theories when planning and designing a learning 7 Task-2 Being able to plan and design training and development 8 2.1 Comparison of the training needs for staff at different levels of Tesco Company 8 2.2 The advantages and disadvantages of training methods used in Tesco Company 9 2.3 Using a systematic approach to plan training and development for a training event at Tesco Company 11 Task-3 Being able to evaluate a training program 12 3.1 Preparing an evaluation using suitable techniques 12 3.2 Evaluation of the training event 13 3.3 Review of the success of the evaluation methods used 13 Task-4 Understanding government-led skills development initiatives 14 4.1 The role of government in training, development and lifelong learning 14 4.2 The impacts of development of the competency movement on the public and private sectors 15 4.3 Contributions of contemporary training initiatives introduced by the UK government to human resources development for Tesco Company 15 Conclusion 16 References 17 Introduction Tesco Company is UK based company which is a reputed company in the market. It has a huge number of employees. In
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