Understanding Leininger 's Theory Of Transcultural Nursing

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Understanding Leininger’s Theory of Transcultural Nursing
Garensha Cazeau
Curry College
April 2015
RN Transitions
Professor: Sanford

Understanding Leininger’s Theory of Transcultural Nursing

As a young girl, I have always enjoyed being around people in their time of need as well as experiencing internal satisfaction by serving those that need my help. In my day to day nursing career, I have encountered several patients from different cultures and traditions. During my short time caring for people with diverse cultural backgrounds, I have learned that this population involves more complex care. My nursing interventions focus not only on the patient’s physical needs, but also their emotional and spiritual ones. I have always being caring, kind, gentle and patience in my interactions with patients. Moreover, I make them feel valued by being kind, compassionate, and ready to listen to their complaints and frustrations. It gives me great pleasure to hear my patients comment they had a good day because of the care I was able to provide them. My research paper on Madeleine Leininger provides me with a good foundation on how to deal with different situations especially when involves different cultures. A major strength of Leininger 's theory is the recognition of the importance of culture and its influence on patients and providers of nursing care. In this paper, Leininger’s…
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