Understanding Literacy And Its Basic Definition

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Literacy is a resource that when allocated amidst political, social and gender constraints benefits society as a whole. Literacy by its basic definition is how one can read, write and communicate effectively with people. Beyond that, it’s about being competent in a subject area. For example, reading in a literate level means that a person is able to read fluently by pronouncing words correctly without many mistakes. Another form of literacy when reading, is when a person can read in public without having many issues. For example in a conference, meeting, or social gathering, the person is adept in being competent. Of course this idea of “literacy” and competency is subjective by nature. Utilizing proper vocabulary, grammar and structure are components of being literate in the discipline of English. Communication is essential as well and can also be a form of literacy. Communicating is how a person has the ability to develop a strong argument against someone and provide more reasons why their point may be argued. It is important to realize that it is also important to listen to others and benefit from the life experiences of others literacy. In a technologically driven society my literacy in computers has benefited me immensely, as it has allowed me to bestow upon others forms of competency that will hopefully be a domino effect of education that betters society. Literacy is the ability to read and write, or be competent in a discipline. It is important to be
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