Understanding Management Essay

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Intro to Management
Homework Assignment 1

1. What do you think about having a manager’s responsibility in today’s world, characterized by uncertainty, ambiguity, and sudden changes or threats from the environment? Describe some skills and qualities that are important to managers under these conditions.
Good management skills and actions are keys to helping any organization weather crisis and remain healthy, inspired, and productive. Managers have to keep pace with ever-advancing technology, find ways to incorporate the internet and e-business into their strategies and business models and strive to remain competitive in the face of increasingly tough global competition, uncertain environments, cutbacks in personnel and resources,
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The best thing to do is strive for a balance between the two. That doesn't mean you need a 50/50 balance, but you should make sure you don't have a 90/10 ratio.

3. You are a bright, hard-working entry-level manager who fully intends to rise through the ranks. Your performance evaluation gives you high marks for your technical skills but low marks when it comes to people skills. Do you think people skills can be learned, or do you need to rethink your career path? If people skills can be learned, how would you go about it?
In a business, good people skills can help you to achieve your goals. Good people skills help you to communicate more effectively with those you encounter in everyday life, whether it is an employee or customer. In order to have good people skills you need to improve how you understand others. No two individuals are the same. We all have different personality types. We all communicate in different ways. We all have individual preferences for communication styles such as body gestures, pace, accent and language. Spending time with your employees is one way of improving how you communicate with them. In order to receive communication that was intended we need to be able to receive the message, to interpret it correctly and then to respond to it in an appropriate manner. In order for it to be received correctly the message needs to be clear and concise. A message that is clear and to the point has a higher chance of being interpreted correctly. Good
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