Understanding Market Trends And Developments

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Interpret market trends and developments

Assessment Task 2: Project – Market analysis
In this assignment I will discuss a business called Sim Cafe. It is located in 20 Burke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000. The business has been operating for the past 10 years. It offers products of:
• Cappuccino
• Latte
• Milk shake
Executive summary
This report intends to discuss the following topics:
• Conduct market trend analysis according to the current and historical business data
• Assess the business impacts from the market trends and development
• Draw marketing data to conduct the required quantitative analysis
• Conduct qualitative market research based on secondary market data
• Conduct SWOT analysis for the current and potential business main competitors
• Assess business performance level based on the business operation data
• Find out the best and worst product performers for product line modifications
• Identify the future market needs based on marketing forecasting methods

1. Access a range of both internal and external data relevant to the business you have chosen and to assist you in identifying market trends and development such as changes in technology, demographic trends, economic trends, government activities environmental trends, social and cultural factors and any other relevant trends and developments. The data you access can come from a range of internal and external sources and may include graphs, charts or spreadsheets or any other relevant information.

• Ageing…
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