Understanding My Best Self, And Highlight Situations

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he following will provide insights into defining my “best self,” and highlight situations that bring out my best traits. My “best self” is a construct from descriptions given by family and friends; and of my own interpretations of what I believe my “best self” is. My path to evolve into a more effective leader is presented after analysis and reflection of my “best self.” Summary of Methods I obtained seven email responses for this project. I was not able to obtain ten responses because some people did contact me back. The responders where family, friends, and a former-coworker. My mother, stepfather, and brother provided responses. I also had friends from college who provide well rounded information. Lastly a former co-worker provide…show more content…
Since commonalities from feedback could potentially align with multiple leadership styles; I decided to select the leadership style that most represents the commonality from feedback/examples. Demonstrated Leadership Style Commonalities Feedback/Examples Given Pacesetting Provides high effort 1. Works hard to achieve his goals 2. Demonstrates commitment and fully engages, setting a standard for those around you 1. Shows up - " This was especially demonstrated while I (mom) was going through chemotherapy" 2. Show up for family and friends when needed 1. Demonstrates the ability to empathize with another person and create commonalities 2. Uses kind words in interactions and strives to understand their intent 3. " You look at all sides to a situation. You think out-loud as you consider all sides." 1. " You are a good listener…I 've observed you listening to others, making eye contact and affirming their responses to you. 2. " Listens well when having a conversation and contributes in a meaningful way" 1. Makes others feel comfortable and respected 2. Being a team player 1. Encourage those around you to also have a positive attitude in tough times 2. Demonstrates calm demeanor with frantic client/vendor relationships 3. " Shows patience through difficult and frustrating circumstances" 1. " Your constant yearning to understand how things work…enables you to look at problems differently and
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