Understanding My Own Emotional Awareness

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Smile, it’s contagious! This quote can easily start your day off on a positive note. In the business world, it can actually increase earning power. We all want to avoid the need to expand our ability to understand and control our emotions. However, when faced with conflict, our own emotions can help us recognize and understand the emotions of other people. To expand our own emotional awareness, only one element stands to be essential in the dealing with conflict and that is Empathy. Empathy is critical to our relationships because it is what essentially ties us together on a global scale. Showing empathy in our relationships, organizations and socially can help one accurately read situations and people because we are able to understand and…show more content…
Empathy is about standing up, not standing by, uncovering what’s below the surface through active listening and putting words into action.” This truly sums up the reason I chose to write about Empathy in Conflict. Empathy can give us the power to shape and grow our relationships at home and work. Empathy in conflict can give a better understanding in any situation that deals with conflict. This paper will discuss, research and give examples I will share on conflict resolution and the impact empathy can have in our lives. Conflict is a natural phenomenon that occurs at all levels and in all types of relationships. We get into conflicts, whether at home or at work, when our interests and needs are not met or when our opinions or values are challenged. Conflict resolution is a peaceful and satisfactory concept to end or reduce conflicts without destruction. Taking everyone’s needs into consideration, it can prove to be very difficult for people in conflict to find positive ways towards a solution that will satisfy everyone involved. An element I believe is vital in conflict is empathy. If an individual is willing to use empathy to guide their approach when engaged in conflict, they will discover mutually beneficial outcomes. Empathy drives motivation and fosters effective problem solving. Conflicts cannot always be avoided. I do not believe they should be. People and conflicts come into our lives to test our
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