Understanding Nonverbal Cues At The Workplace

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Understanding Nonverbal Cues in the Workplace

Harmony in the workplace is something every manager should strive for. A big part of achieving this proper communication. Proper communication is more than just verbal words being spoken, in contrary the majority of the communication that goes on in the workplace is nonverbal. Successful employees are aware of their own nonverbal cues and pick up on the nonverbal cues of their coworkers and managers.

Non-verbal communication is the language without words. Hynes states that “understanding the importance of nonverbal communication is often difficult because it is such a natural part of any managerial interaction.” In addition to any managerial interaction it is something we use in every aspect of our lives. Nonverbal communication is everything aided to help communicate a message, without the words, it operates essentially the same way verbal communication does, as in there is a sender and receiver, and the message is sent through some sort of medium. In a work setting having strong nonverbal skills will increase the likelihood of good impressions among colleagues. Many people do not comprehend the importance of nonverbal communication and how it impacts the perception of Messages.

Body Language

Body language is an aspect of communication that 's often overlooked within the work environment. Studies have shown that verbal communication only contributes to around 7% of the meaning being understood. Humans use…
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