Understanding Nutrition Midterm Quiz & Answer Key Essay

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Text: Understanding Nutrition: 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th ed. Whitney/Rolfes. Course Description and Content: Incorporates principles of human nutrition, essential nutrients, nutritional needs of different age groups, and nutrition research. Focuses on the relationship between nutrition, physical fitness, lifestyle, and health, with supporting emphases on consumer awareness, evaluation of nutrition information, eating disorders, and the importance of a balanced, varied diet. Course Learning Objectives: In Nutrition, we explore the ever-evolving science of nutrition. Human nutrition is influenced by endogenous and exogenous factors. We will discuss related topics such as stress, environment, food processing, digestion, safety, and…show more content…
amino acids from glucose b. lactose from a source of sucrose c. fat from excess carbohydrate intake d. glucose from a non-carbohydrate substance 17) What is the minimum daily amount of dietary carbohydrate necessary to spare body protein from excessive breakdown? a. 10-25g b. 50-100g c. 150-175g d. 200-400g 18) Which of the following is a feature of aspartame? a. it is composed of 1 sugar molecule and 3 chlorine atoms b. it is made up of three amino acids c. it is recommended for people with PKU d. two of its breakdown products are methanol and formaldehyde 19) What is the primary absorption site for digestible carbohydrates? a. mouth b. stomach c. large intestine d. small intestine 20) Which of the following is not an essential amino acid in human nutrition? a. proline b. threonine c. methionine d. tryptophan 21) What is the structure of an enzyme? a. lipid b. protein c. nucleic acid d. carbohydrate 22) When nitrogen intake exceeds nitrogen losses, we say the person is in: a. a healthy state b. nitrogen equilibrium c. positive nitrogen balance d. negative nitrogen balance 23) Which of the following is not considered a source of complete protein in human nutrition? a. soy b. egg c. corn d. fish 24) What is the RDA for protein for a 48kg woman? a. 24g b. 34g c. 38g d. 40g 25) What is the percentage of total energy derived from protein in a diet containing 50 g of protein and 2,000 kcal? a.

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