Understanding Of Mpm And Measuring Improvement Essay

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RESEARCH PROPOSAL Study objective: Understanding of MPM and measuring improvement in store sales . INTRODUCTION Retail enterprise is a kind of commercial enterprise with high level of competition. The success of retail business depends on how fast can a retailer recognize consumer behavior and buying pattern. Retail business must focus on the factor affecting consumer buying pattern and elements that shifts customers buying decision. Store atmospheric attributes (which include shade, lighting fixtures, income personnel, music and so on) shape the general context within which shoppers make decisions of store selection and patronage. Many of the previous research on retail environment suggests that such attributes affect the image of the store. Retailers comprehend the significance of such attributes and systematically attempt to avail of an atmosphere, inclusive of suitable colors, music and so on that will attract their target customers. Further, purchase decision-making has emerge as complicated task due to the inseparability of product and services offered in retail outlets. Retail store floor planning is a complicated task. The essential objective is to maximize sales with customer satisfaction and minimize overall prices. Many factors affect the store floor planning, like the arrival pattern of clients, design of the building, required service level, merchandise mix, adjacency requirements and lot more. Store layout can have an effect on client’s perceptions of a

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