Understanding Of My Calling The Call Of Samuel

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One text that has been influential in the understanding of my calling is the call of Samuel. This can be found in 1 Samuel 3:1-10. Samuel was called by God as a boy while he assisted Eli who ministered in the house of the Lord. While lying down in his designated place, Samuel heard the voice of the Lord three times and he thought it was Eli’s voice. Eli then recognized it was the Lord and he instructed Samuel as to how to answer when the Lord speaks. This has been formative or influential, because like Samuel at times as an adolescent I heard the voice of the Lord and I did not realize until later on in life that it was indeed the spirit of God speaking. In addition to Samuel’s young age, this has been formative because the Bible highlights that he grew up while serving under Eli. In many regards, I have seen my own life work according to that fashion as I have ministered under the watch of my biological father and mother who are the Pastors at my local church. I have learned many lessons by watching them lead the ministry. I have also learned many lessons by actively serving in a number of different areas of my church including the children’s choir, worship band, Young Men’s Step Team, Teen Choir, Men’s Fellowship, and also while serving in leadership capacities, such as the chairperson of the College and University Gospel Fest, Pastor’s Anniversary committee, Organ and Piano Master’s Class, and also as a Finance Ministry count team member. In other words, the

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