Understanding Of Negotiation And Mediation Processes

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Title: To show understanding of negotiation and mediation processes Due date: 24 March 2015 Name: Paulette Goddard Student ID: 08575010 Paper coordinator: Frieder Lempp Paper: 153 200 Dispute Resolution Travis and Geoff have a long standing relationship that led them into a profit making joint business venture. There was never any formal partnership agreement and after trading for one year, the parties are now in dispute over the value of their respective initial setting up contributions, their ongoing roles and future entitlements. They are seeking advice on principled negotiation and mediation as a strategy to help resolve their dispute. Principled negotiation is one of the most respected approaches to dispute resolution . It is one of several collaborative negotiation strategies developed as an alternative to the win loose paradigm of positioning bargaining negotiation and adjudicative dispute resolution processes where a third party makes a decision. Fisher and Ury contend that one the key advantages of using collaborative negotiation to resolve disputes is that by focusing on basic interests and mutually satisfying options, the parties will increase their likelihood of reaching a wise agreement; that is, where their interests will be met as far as is possible . Because the strategy is both flexible and durable, it encourages creative and effective agreements to resolve conflicting interests fairly. Finally, the model is ‘soft’ on people which
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