Understanding Of Past, Present And Future Of The Aboriginal People And Their Families

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This subject is very broad and includes the understanding of past, present and future of the Aboriginal people and their families. In particular, it is essential to lay stress upon how the history has been affecting peoples ' lives from past to present and will also affect our future. This essay will demonstrates that how the health professionals have work together and been involved with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as well as how our communities will respond to these connections.
Studies have shown that certain policies of the government that discriminate people on the basis of ethnicity, race and culture or the policies that are unsafe, have caused immense damage to the cultural values and the ethnic beliefs of the people, their families and their communities as well(Durey et al, 20 ) . For example, the profession of social worker played a role in the forceful removal of the Aboriginal children and consequently breakage of the families,. This has led to the increase in the gap/separation consequently leading to the development of mistrust and doubt (Menzies, 2013:51). On the other hand, social work has a very long history of working with vulnerable families. Nevertheless, even with this background, social work has been relatively slow to challenge the leading Western thinking that has suppressed and oppressed Indigenous knowledge and people throughout the world (Bessarab& Crawford, 2013:106).Moreover, it has been seen that the social distances and the
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