Understanding Of The English Language

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People come from all different walks of life, cultures and languages. Although different, they all have one thing in common – that their language is a social construct. There are no rules that are set in stone but rather it is constantly and always changing. To separate language from “the social context of its creation and use” (Grugeon & Gardner, 2000, pp 105) ultimately shows how it can be viewed as an object. This idea will be further explored throughout this essay and examine how every individual has a unique understanding of the English language. In turn, this may cause issues such as certain students feeling neglected or finding it difficult to learn the so- called ‘standard’ content and it is important for educators to understand…show more content…
It needs to be understood that “schools are institutions with particular social practices” (Green, 2006, pp 4) that include language practices and that there will most likely be children who are unfamiliar with the Discourses the schools has. Children that have an easy transition from home to school are usually already conditioned to practicing literacy in similar ways by their parents and more often than not, are the ones that are recognised and rewarded in school for their accepted behaviour. However, the children that are brought up in households that speak other languages tend to not receive the same recognition to their former peers as their language practices and the way they use their language are different to the ones valued by the school. Because of this, it is crucial that teachers overlook language as a task to succeed in and observe the interests and needs of their students and how they use language – accepting it rather than rejecting it to being inferior. Children should not be made to feel like outsiders and worse, to lose respect for themselves and this can be managed by making sure teaching practices are made to cater for all.
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