Understanding Of The Four Areas Of Cultural Intelligence

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The following paper will discuss the author’s understanding of the four areas of cultural intelligence (CQ): drive, knowledge, strategy and action. It will further describe how CQ specifically affects the author, their personal CQ knowledge and information that could increase this knowledge. Drive The drive capability of CQ is also considered motivation. It is a person’s “interests and confidence in functioning effectively in culturally diverse settings” (Livermore, 2011, p. 6). There are three sub-components to the drive capability; they are intrinsic, extrinsic, and self-efficacy. Intrinsic The intrinsic component of drive is a person’s motivation toward cultural diversity. This author has a very low level of motivation towards immersion in cultural diversity. The author has had very little exposure to different cultures. Differences in religion is the limited extent of cultural diversity that has been experienced, in the author’s environment. The author has lived in the same community their entire life. There is very limited cultural diversity in their community, school, church, or work environment, not by choice, but by chance. Extrinsic A person’s interest toward cultural diversity is what the extrinsic component of drive entails. The author has a medium level of interest in other cultures, but does not actively search for these culturally diverse experiences. When exposed to a different culture, the author can appreciate the differences, and will often
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