Understanding Of The Frameworks, Processes, Approaches And Scholarly Theories

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Theoretical perspectives Assessment item 1 Anna McNamara 11474995 DUE: 22ND AUGUST 2014 A report demonstrating understanding of the frameworks, processes, approaches and scholarly theories that inform the planning of events from a community perspective. Explaining the role of events as a tactical component of implementing a communication strategy. Theoretical Perspectives The planning of an event requires transparent two-way communication, community engagement and strong internal relationship management. The following report discusses the processes, approaches and scholarly theories that inform the planning of events from a community perspective. In order for an event to be successful it must be supported by theory, this ensures…show more content…
Theory is constructive because it; • Draws from previous, tested experience. • Acts as a guide for future reference • Offers support • Guides communication • Is a pillar of knowledge throughout event progression. (Chia & Synott, 2009) This report will discuss the following theory in assisting the planning of a community level event; • Relationship management and Relational theory. • Agenda Setting Theory • Excellence Theory The proposed event is in favour of Headspace. The not for profit organisation helping young people aged 12-25 who are going through a tough time, providing support for problems like depression, anxiety, bullying and body image. (Headspace, 2014) CSU Bathurst often show their support for this foundation, so it shall continue with a Moonlight Cinema and Sausage Sizzle under a starry summer nights sky, set in the main quad (Library Lawn) for students. The proposed event will raise awareness of the organisation and raise funds to assist them in their mission. Theory will support planning and team relations throughout the time leading up to this event and also at the event. To make this event possible, partners must be recruited. To provide an outdoor screen and projector, food, beverages and “warm up” entertainment, partners to approach include; Woolworths, University student DJ’s and Funflicks Outdoor Movies. Relational Theory is key to the success of this event, defined
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