Understanding Of The Social Work Profession

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Personal Statement Understanding of the Social Work Profession For many, the primary mission of the profession of social work is enhancing the needs of those that are considered vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty. My understanding of the social work profession is helping someone to make positive changes in his or her life that result in a better quality of life. This is also true when promoting the wellbeing of the community in a social context. As social workers it is easy to become prioritized with satisfying our livelihoods, by becoming professionalized (academically) and advocating for clients; this causes a disconnect from the struggles in our communities such as economic, racial, and gender-based injustices (Boland, 2014). This disconnect is developed when there is more professional focus on the injustices faced by the client, when in reality both the client and community are equally important to the profession and advocacy of social work. Understanding the social work profession, to me, means having the heart and mindset to advocate for those that society considers undeserving. This understanding also extends to the environment as a whole; social workers should work to change not only the person in his or her environment, but the environment itself, to correct social injustices (Boland, 2014). Professions dealing with the health and mental health of individuals have had a central focus on strengthening an individual (Gitterman, 2014). These
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