Understanding Operation Management Issues Of Blackberry Hill Farm

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Executive summary
This report aims to recognizing and understanding operation management issues in Blackberry Hill Farm. It will focus on concept and theories of operation management, especially capacity management, staff management and design process and product/service. After applying and critically analyzing the major issue as well as other related issues and causes, the report will provide suggestions and solutions for the farm’s operation management.
Given from this case, capacity management plan can help to solve out the problem of queue irritation, face with fluctuation demand, congestion and maximize low level of capacity. In terms of long-term operation strategy for development, capacity management can keep the farm going on with agri-tourism target, balance between activities, upgrade operation management more effectively, so bring more revenue. Particularly, for existing attractions, capacity management plan can be used for solving problems, such as: Pick-your-own, Farm shop and café areas – utilizing the capacity mixed plan included a combination of check-out areas and a new automatic pre-order system on website and line call is the best solution; Preserving kitchen – a chase high fluctuation demand plan should be applied and integrated with adjusting capacity plan by using staff management function; Tractor rides, petting zoo, bakery, fixed exhibited – given several solutions, but due to limitation of this report, there is no clarify analysis the most suitable

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