Understanding Organisations And The Role Of HR 3HRC

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Understanding Organisations and the Role of HR (3HRC)

Tesco is one of the leading food retailers within the UK retail industry and is one of the largest food retailers in the world with its headquarters based in Chechens United Kingdom In 1919 Jack Cohen the founder of Tesco started selling groceries from his market stall in the East End of London. In 1929 the first Tesco store was opened by Mr Cohen in North London. The business has continued to grow and Tesco now operate in 12 different counties, employ more than 500,000 staff and cater for over 75 million shopping trips every week (http://www.tescoplc.com).
(http://www.thegrocer.co.uk) In recent years Tesco have moved away from being a primarily food retailer and have now started
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Tesco replied to these changes by introducing promotion offers which lowered prices and implemented a consumer price reduction on fuel purchases based on the amount spent on groceries at its stores (Mintel Report (2004) Food Retailing November 2004). Tesco were fined £300,000 in August 2013 for misleading consumers on a half price promotion on strawberries. Tesco admitted breaking the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations Act 2008 as in the summer of 2011 Tesco sold 400p punnets of British strawberries marked as half price at £1.99, with previous prices of £2.99 and £3.99 crossed out, in an offer that ran for 14 weeks. However, the original £3.99 was available for a shorter period of time (“Tesco Blunder Leads to £300K Fine - http://news.sky.com).
By 2050 Tesco aim to be a zero carbon organisation. This has come after there has been heightened pressure for organisations to take notice of environmental issues. They hope to
Reduce their carbon foot print by 50% by 2020. This will be a benefit to Tesco as they feel this will generate new job and business opportunities as it will reduce the costs organisations are currently paying on carbon emissions (The Carbon Year Book, James Richens, September 2010).

Tesco is a multinational organisation in the private sector. It’s a large organisation with over 500,000 members of staff in over 12 countries. Tesco has a hierarchical structure because it has a

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