Understanding Organizations The Role Of Human Resources

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Reading College Certificate in Human Resources Practice Candidate name: Maria Jose Vasquez ID number: 14087608 Understanding organizations the role of Human Resources Assignment Ref No. F021L Date of submission: 25 th November 2014 Assessment method Written handout Report to the board Activities Activity A New Starter – Information sheet, GI Systems LTD. This document is intended to provide information regarding the purpose of GI Systems and its operating environment. Furthermore, this information sheet will give an idea of the structure, culture and functions of the company. Products & Services GI Systems product and services are distributed across the following business areas; Mobile GI Systems entered into the Ecuadorian market as the first GSM (2G) operator in the country. As a GSM Operator, apart from the basic voice and SMS services, GI Systems provides various value added services for its retail customers and enterprises like Multi Party Conferencing, Missed Call Alert, Voice Mail, VPN, Blackberry service. 3G and LTE/4G (high speed mobile broadband) GI Systems has launched the 3G on 2005 and now covers 95% of the population of the country. The LTE/4g has been launched at the beginning of the 2013 and is currently covering 98% of the area of the two major cities of Ecuador: Quito and Guayaquil. Fixed broadband A special business agreement with Verizon Ecuador allows GI Systems to offer fixed line services as well. Global GI Systemsacts as a global
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