Understanding Our Country's Founding Fathers

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I think it is of high importance to understand a little more about the personal lives of our country’s Founding Fathers. Understanding the peculiarities of their lives gives us a greater understanding of why they developed our Constitution the way that they did. It also gives us an excellent insight as to what was developing in their minds as they worked to develop a set of rules and standards that sets us apart from other developing nations during the same time period. I feel that delving into their psyche, so to speak, gives us a better understanding of the controversies we have today because we can form a more rational basis as to why our country was conceived in the way that it was. I have attempted to take a more formal role in our various political spectrums, and books such as this one has helped me to do so. As I pursue a Master’s of Science degree in Vocational Rehabilitation, this book sets my mind up to understand the sophisticated views and philosophies that our nation was framed under.

The book is divided into three parts: the Firebrands, the Federalists, and the Republicans and there is a considerable amount of time discussing the major players within those three constructs. The Firebrands were those who tried to get people angry and doing something about a particular political or social cause. William Livingston and the Lees’ of Stratford Hall comprise the individuals who first conceived the notion of a revolt leading to the American Revolution. The
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