Understanding Our Roles in the Digital Nation

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Understanding Our Roles in the Digital Nation Our world we live in changes dramatically every day. With evolving technologies moving often faster than we can understand, it is interesting to see how these innovations are impacting lives of everyday Americans and others all over the world. When once the internet was seen as a purely positive, the more technology envelopes our lives, it is showing itself as a potential hindrance to normal communications as well. The film the Digital Nation was incredibly interesting in that it opened up a new viewpoint on the discussion revolving the importance and use of technology in our everyday lives. I had tended to see the development of technologies in a mostly positive light, because it created such open streams of communication so seamlessly. The film does show the benefits of communication the digital world has opened up to us, but it also presents the potential darker side where individuals are being consumed with their digital lives. To see the internet and technologies as "dumming down the world" was an interesting spin that did make sense with the evidence the film presented. In this viewpoint, the unrestrained technologies available today are becoming a distraction just as much as a benefit to young and old alike. Students have trouble absorbing information online with all of the distractions available, including online chatting and all the other stimuli which confront them while online. The fact that these students are
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