Understanding Partnership Working

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Unit 530 Understand Partnership Working
1. Identify the key features of effective partnership working
A large body of experience and research provides clear evidence about many of the key determinants of successful partnerships. The focus is to achieve better outcomes through improved service delivery. Partnership working has come a long way in recent years. There is now a consensus that effective partnership working is essential in order to design, develop and deliver personal services for those requiring support and assistance to optimise their independence and happiness. The most important features of an effective partnership are engaging the right people and ensuring they function as a genuine team.
To achieve this requires:

➢ A
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2. Explain the importance of partnership working with ➢ Colleagues ➢ Other professionals ➢ Others
Partnership working has been shown to have benefits for staff; it has been found to give more clarity regarding roles and responsibilities and is also linked with lower levels of stress.
Staff working in partnership with a service user’s family will become more aware of families' individual needs, and know more about an elderly person's home context, thus enabling them to be aware of how the care home is different or similar to their own home and understand the elderly person’s behaviour with this in mind.

Other professionals
Effective partnership amongst care home workers and other professions such as health care workers relies on a recognition that all parties care about the same goal: that of promoting the health of the service user.
Each might take a ‘different path’ to achieving this goal, but this should be the common agenda. Partnership could be enhanced by ensuring the service user was placed at the centre of everything, and that a proactive, ‘whole person’ approach was taken to care.

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