Understanding Patient Centered Care And Patient Satisfaction And Clinical Outcomes

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Engaging Nursing in Patient-Centered Care
To Improve Patient Satisfaction and Clinical Outcomes
In response to a rapidly evolving healthcare system and current and future reform we need to engage our nursing professionals to evolve with it. Engaging nursing in the culture of patient-centered care will improve the patient experience. Utilizing techniques in leadership, strategic planning, informatics and patient outcome surveillance we can devise a nursing system that will have positive impact on working environments, culture of care and patient outcomes.
It is clear that to engage nurses in a culture shift to patient-centered care we will need to define what this means. By understanding patient-centered care we can see how it is a substantial contributor to the development of evidence-based practice and the movement to a transparent health care system. The acceptance and implementation away from traditional-care models will have a significant impact on strategic planning, clinical practice, and management of population health.
This movement will only be successful if professionals work to the level of their license, hold all involved accountable, learn to interpret variation in patient preferences, have working environments that are satisfactory and foster growth, and lastly the support of leadership and management
Literature Review
The references cited in this work give us a global view of meaning, influence, acceptance, evolution, and operational challenges as they
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