Understanding Polycystic Kidney Disease Is A Health Condition

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Topic: Understanding Polycystic Kidney Disease Jess C Brandt
Human Diseases
November 28, 2016

Understanding Polycystic Kidney Disease Polycystic Kidney Disease is a health condition that primarily involves the kidneys, and it is genetic. It is distinguished by the growth of multiple cysts in these organs that ultimately slowly impair the normal kidney function. These cysts are non-cancerous circular sacs that contain a fluid-like substance and have the ability to increase in size as more fluid is accumulated. While the condition mostly affects the kidneys, it is not uncommon for the cysts to grow in other body parts, for example, the liver. This disease poses serious complications that can be fatal. The primary cause of this
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In rare cases, the disease may be due to a gene mutation that happens spontaneously. So as to diagnose this disease, the doctors may use several tests to determine the quantity and size of the cysts. These tests are also used to identify the number of healthy kidney tissues that an individual has. The most commonly used tests is the ultrasound scans where a transducer is placed on the body and is used to emit muffled sound waves that a computer translates into a picture of the kidneys. A second test are the computerized tomography scan that utilizes thin x-ray beams to allow the doctor view a cross-sectional image of each kidney. The third medical test that can be carried out is magnetic resonance imaging where a cross-sectional view of the organs is projected using magnetic fields. Once diagnosed, the management of polycystic kidney disease entails the medical handling of the symptoms from an early stage. Achieving this thus calls for the regulation of blood pressure using angiotensin-converting enzyme drugs so as to stop further degradation of the kidneys. Painkillers are also used to control the pain, and antibiotics used to cure any kidney and bladder infections. In severe cases where the cysts inhibit the functioning of the kidneys, kidney dialysis is done. If the disease is unmanaged, it causes several complications that can be fatal. One of those is hypertension, which, if not
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