Understanding Project Management

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o If you are considering pursuing a career in project management, you should first find out what specific project job opportunities exist in your company. TRUE o Project management is ideally suited for a business environment requiring all of the following except. REPEATABILITY o Which of the following characteristics is not typical of a project manager- POSSESES IN-DEPTH TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE. o An index value less than one indicates that the project is- OVER COST OR BEHIND SCHEDULE o Resource leveling can provide - LOWER PEAK DEMAND, REDUCED RESOURCE NEED OVER THE LIFE OF THE PROJECT, REDUCED FLUCTUATIONS IN RESOURCE DEMAND. ABC ALL o To avoid problems with schedules and deadlines you should- ADD A PENALTY CLAUSE TO THE CONTRACT o…show more content…
DELL, IBM, HP, ALL OF THE ABOVE o Project scope describes what you expect to deliver to your customers when the project is complete – TRUE o Which of the following requires more management rather than leadership- TAKING CORRECTIVE ACTION o Using a special color copy machine for a tradeshow publication illustrates the concept of- HAMMOCK ACTIVITIES o Sam is trying to order the concrete
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