Understanding Psychology And Childhood Cancer Essay

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Psychology and Childhood Cancer: Need to expand vision in India Dr. Aparna Singh, PhD Department of Pediatrics, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University Introduction 1.6 – 4.8% of all cancer in India is seen in children below 15 years of age and the overall incidence of 38- 124 per million children, per year. It is lower than that in the developed world. Yet, in India, cancer is the 9th common cause for the deaths among children between aged 5- 14 years1. The difference was observed in survival for children diagnosed with cancer between high and low income countries continues to widen as curative therapies are developed in the former but not implemented in the later in different studies2, 3, 4 . In addition, poverty, malnutrition, unhygienic living conditions, poor supportive care, financial support, training of health professionals, cultural, educational and socio-economic problems cause ongoing hurdle in medical cure and may contribute difference of survival rate. These play an important role in emergence of psychosocial problems in children suffering from cancer. Different types of cancer in children are acute lymphoblastic leukemia, wilm’s tumor, retinoblastoma,
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