Understanding Psychology And The Ways

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Tracy Griffin
Adulthood and Aging | PSY307 A01
Faculty: Arthur Swisher
Due date: 05/23/2016
Module 5 Assignment 1

In regards to cognitive psychology and the ways in which we define ourselves in terms of individuals, is one of the biggest areas of interest. The area defines the process used in order to acquire, receive, retain and store the information in which is received. During childhood our memory grows, and through adulthood throughout until our middle age, where shortly after we begin to decline in productivity. Initially, when a person grows and changes, their brain begins to change and their cognitive functions worsen. One example being the way in which we appropriately word and express things, begins to decline in fluency and accuracy. (American psychological association, 2006). Studies have shown that the semantic and procedural memory declines the least, while that flashbulb memory declines the most. The amount of large declination varies due to middle age sensitivity and the lack of self-efficiency. The memory initially declines based not on the lack of storage, but merely how they retain and store that information which is being received. Naturally, this happens because the cortex shrinks, leaving a serious lack of blood flow to the brain, and triggers that loss, which is naturally all apart of the aging process. Some natural signs of normal age related memory loss can include the occasional forgetfulness of where we placed something
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