Understanding Religion: Reflection Essay

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Even if an individual says that they are an atheist and that there is no God or a controlling presence of any kind, they have a religion. Of course then the religion is not believing in anything, supposedly. The fact that religions are formed by societies, and individuals, using basically the same rules is a context that has persisted over the years, and bears some investigation. This paper examines two religions, Christianity (specifically the Catholic denomination) and Wicca to determine if they have a commonality in their method and practice. All members of the Christian family have some beliefs in common, but there are many denominations because the practices differ widely among them. Among the first Christian denominations was a group termed the Catholics and then further delineated with the appendage "Roman". The belief among this group is that the first leader of the Church was an apostle of Christ named Peter, and many of the beliefs still practiced by the Church had their beginnings in this ancient time (Catholic Online, 2012). The eight elements said to be common to all religions-- a belief system; community; central myths; rituals; an ethical system; emotional experiences; material expressions of religion; and sacredness are also common to Catholics. The common belief system is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He came to offer salvation from a bondage to sin. The…
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