Essay on Understanding Research Methods

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As part of my research methods assignment, I have been asked to carry out a reading to identify and discuss different research methods in two different research studies and provide a critical and literary review of the same articles. The first text is called “Women in the Boardroom: Symbols and Substance?” .This paper proposes if women and minorities add a valuable new perspective that results in an enhanced corporate performance. The second is called “Knife crime statistics”. This paper summarises the available statistics that relate to knife crime. To achieve a good grade, I have been ask to complete five different tasks that consist in: identify and discuss the use of the seven different methods, the strengths and weakness of three of…show more content…
I believe in the reliability of this information because it belongs to the Police and the Office for National statistics. The information was up to date at the moment of its publication but we miss a year from 2012 to 2013 so that gap would make the information invalid and out to date. Secondary: is second-hand information or the interpretation of information. I found an example of Secondary research in the article Women on the Boardroom, page 8, lines 13-15. Despite that the content refers to a primary research data; the information doesn’t belong to the author, he used it to support a statement and the information was evaluated later. According to this study there is no relationship between board diversity and firm performance. This information was gathered by the examination of 500 Danish companies. I think that the issue of low number of women in senior roles is not about the talent it is about the gender. I believe in provide equal opportunities and the promotion to people based on merit rather than on selection criteria that are based on quotas derived on the gender and the way we look. However, I don’t think these studies are fair because most of the boards are construct by men, so the opinion obviously will be the same; no relation between performance and gender, the only studies that offer different views are mix boards constructed by males and females, minorities. I do not doubt of the
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