Understanding Retailing Assignment 1

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Understanding Retailing
Assignment 1
Date of Issue- 10/01/2011
Submission Date-18/02/2011
Tutor- Mike Delaney

Task 1 P1
A retailer is a person that buys goods which are sold in considerable vast quantities. The items are bought from the manufacturers and they are then sold to consumers. The retailer’s bulk buys their items and breaks down into quantities that are deemed suitable for the customers to buy at a larger price than the cost.
The retail industry that exists in the UK is huge because in the year 2010 the sales were recorded at being over £293 billion.
The reason why this particular industry is important to the British economy is that in 2009, the UK retail sales were well advanced into plus £285 billion
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Discount stores are permitted to distribute their goods at a lower price that those of a normal outlet. A lot of discount stores distribute a range of items but different stores specialise with merchandise that are jewellery, and electrical appliances.
Task 2 P2
When goods are delivered to stores all over the UK, they are put through a journey from a manufacturer/producer all the way to the retailer and it is set in a lot of stages to form a chart. These are two examples of how two different products are moved from being at the manufacturers to being distributed from the shelves in a store.

Exporter (ship, plane and lorry)

Middle man

Middle man

The company that is buying the product ↓
Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) ↓

This is the example of how a typical product is produced and how it goes through different places to get to the consumer.
The goods are transported using different types of transport for example, planes, trains, cars, ships and heavy goods vehicles.
There are perishable and non-perishable processes. The perishable process involves items that can decay easily. It can be a food item such as a tomato.
The non perishable process involves items that are wearable-clothing. The non-perishable goods are items that do not spoil or decay-for example- canned goods are non perishable as well.
There is an example of how

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