Understanding Roles Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training

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Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training

The Teaching Role and Responsibilities In Education And Training
The role of ‘teacher’ is an infinitely varied one, but there certain principles which underpin all aspects of the teaching role.

Whether we are attempting to teach from personally acquired experience or knowledge, or from third party information, the process of teaching can be formalized into a structured process with the aim of maximizing the potential for learning.

Numerous models exist with the aim of outlining the key stages of this process. For example, Gravells (2010) identifies them as such:

Identification of Need →Planning and Design→Delivery/Facilitation→Assessment→Evaluation

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Students may be unwilling because of stigma or embarrassment or simply through an inability to recognize that a problem exists, which is an issue in roughly 30% of adults (Skills for Life Survey, 2011).

However, individual needs may not be only be based on academic ability or skillset, there are a multitude of different needs which may exist and it is important to consider a holistic approach. Some students may have no difficulty with course content but may be distracted by other personal problems which affect their ability to learn. These could include financial difficulty, bereavement or an underlying health issue.

Ultimately, the importance of identifying and meeting learners’ needs is about providing the best possibility for successful learning through providing support where it is most needed.

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Explain Ways To Maintain a Safe And Supportive Learning Environment
As part of providing students with the best opportunity for success, it is crucial that the learning environment is
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