Understanding Security Issues And Giving It A Specific Definition

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Understanding security issues and giving it a specific definition has been much debated over for many years. This is because theorists of international relations look at security from different perspectives just like they examine the concept of polarity and power from different perspectives. The argument the essay poses is that the concept of polarity can be useful in helping us to understand security issues and this is because by looking at the three different types of polarity, it can demonstrate to us how the security level of states differentiates. In addition, the essay will also state that the neorealist perception on polarity is more convincing in today’s world in comparison to the view that the liberalist and constructivist has. In order to support the argument, the essay will firstly look at the concept of security itself and the views that some theorists take on it. Secondly, it will look at the concept of power. Thirdly, it will look at the three different types of polarity which are; a) multipolarity, b) bipolarity and c) unipolarity. Fourthly, it will look at how polarity was before, during and after the Cold War and following that it will look at the neorealist view on polarity in comparison to the constructivist and liberalist. In addition to the above, it will look at how China is rising. According to Booth (2005), ‘security has been one of those common-sense, pre-defined terms in international relations orthodoxy that appear to be unproblematic until
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