Essay on Understanding Seizures

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Seizures occur when abnormal signals from the brain and changes the way the body functions. Many people have seizures but they have different effects on them. Some people have a little shaking of their hands and do not lose consciousness, while others have a lot of shaking and do lose consciousness. While seizures have a range of life changing effects for adults, more needs to be focus on children. There are different kinds of seizures, each having different effects. There is the generalized seizures which is a kind of seizure that affects the entire brain.There is the partial seizures which affects part of the brain. There is non-epileptic seizures, which is not really related to seizures, but it is caused by things,…show more content…
If they can not do the surgery then there are other treatment that they can do.

Problems that may occur when a person has seizures are that they will have a mind of a little child, this means that when a person has seizures they do not act like themselves they act like a three or four year old. Even though they maybe a child they will have a younger understanding of things. People with seizures may also have a learning disorder, which is a disorder that people have when they do not understand like school work or they do not understand their level of work, or they can understand but not understand clearly. They can have seizures for a lifelong time. People with seizures can not drive, because they can be driving,have a seizure, and they can be injured bad and that could cause of death. The problems that a person can have when they have seizures can be really serious. The symptoms of seizures include usually visual loss, strange feelings in any area of body. People will get dizzy, extremely bad headaches,nausea. Sometimes people will get really numb. Sometimes epilepsy will not have any symptoms, but will depend on the kind of seizure it is. When someone gets to where they start spacing out and drooling and their eyes
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