Understanding Self Actualisation And Self Determination

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My learning goal is to understand self-actualisation and self-determination to correctly answer questions on the exam related to the concept. My performance goal is to read the allocated readings chapter to understand all the concepts needed for the exam. These goals are set at high standards to further increase the likelihood of being successful in this unit due to higher performance. This greater performance will arise when I try harder, remain persistent and concentrate on my specific goal devoid of any distractions. In the face of setting high goals, they are realistic so I will bother adopting behaviours to reach them (Carver, & Scheier, 2014). My girlfriend, family and friends are high achievers and would expect me to do well, therefore I want to do well at university to please them. A subjective norm is produced by my understanding of their expectations as well as my own desires to please them. Independent of the expectations of those around me, I know I am capable and want to do well on top of pleasing those around me. My desire and my belief that I can do well, combined with subjective norms is likely to produce intentions leading to behaviours that will ultimately result in achieving goals (Carver, & Scheier, 2014). When considering my options and their associated benefits and costs, a deliberative mindset is maintained. I will consider the outcome of being successful through the use of my intention to do the readings as well as any costs such as time lost or the

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