Understanding Sexual Addiction Essay

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The many personalities of this world are phenomenal because they are all so different. Not one individual is the same, and that is one thing that makes the human brain as fascinating as it is. The human brain is quite beautiful; unfortunately, biochemical or other brain changes can alter proper functioning of the human brain, leading to mental disorders or diseases. Sexual addiction, although not always recognized, is a severe condition which affects many. Sexual addiction should be widely acknowledged as a severe issue because of its impact on the addict's nervous system, the root of its development, and its relevance to human behavior. What is sex addiction? The term "sexual addiction" is used to explain the behavior of a person who…show more content…
Rather, the pursuit of sex is in service of a different goal - to dispel feelings of inadequacy, depression, anxiety, rage or other feelings that the sex addict experiences as unbearable. Like a drug addict or alcoholic, the sex addict relentlessly seeks satisfaction from an external source to palliate internal pain" (Praver, Francis Cohen, Ph.D). A continuous cycle of searching for comfort by engaging in sexual activity is a never ending battle because it is caused by factors which the addict had little control of as a child. Sexual addiction must be seen as a serious condition because of its affect on the nervous system and because of how it was developed in the first place. There is a close relation between adult sexual addiction and childhood abuse. Any unhealthy relationships that a child is exposed to can trigger the development of unusual sexual behavior which follows them into adulthood. These fragile victims at some point must come to the reality that they had no control over what they were exposed to. More likely than not, all sex addicts have admitted to being abused as children; 97 percent being emotional, 71 percent being physical, and 83 percent being sexual. Other factors that might assist in developing an unhealthy hunger for sex can be what is described as a "needy mother". According to Frances Cohen Praver, Ph.D, the relationship between a child and mother who uses the child to soothe her own emotional problems can leave a
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