Understanding Social Change On The Health Care World

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Unit 2: Understanding Social Change Lesson 6 6. Write a hypothesis on three topics from views of an (i) anthropologist, (ii) sociologist, and (iii) psychologist. a) Health: (i) Cultures that actively reject technological advances in the health care world could subject themselves or family members to mortality for beliefs, such as ones outlined in religion. (ii) If technology could extend lives by a large margin, the amount of people in old age may exceed the means it takes to accommodate them in less-functioning bodies. (iii) Women that are depressed due to infertility can enjoy a better quality of life given the choice of using reproductive technologies in their marriage, family, and home life. b) Work: (i) Processes that become…show more content…
I love my dad’s stories and his advice, so when he told me he has a friend whose daughter was making $65 000 a year, fresh out of college, I was not opposed to his idea of going to college to become a dental hygienist, I thought why not. I did not expect my university level class friend’s I made in Peterborough to develop different opinions of me. The pressure to conform was subtle when I was applying for my classes, questioning my motives, saying I would not know anyone because I did come from a high school in Toronto. I laughed it off and continued to do what my dad wanted, knowing I would make good grades and be satisfied. A few months forward, I continue seeing my friends at lunch but I kept getting snide remarks. I could not mention my work or accomplishments because it was too easy but the remarks became meaner. Eventually I could not have an opinion without jokingly being made of as being less intelligent than them for simply taking a different academic pathway. While they were mostly joking, I felt alienated and unlike myself. I was alone in my classes at the beginning and they become a little cruel. I vowed to take university courses the following semester and future year as a social change. It was easy because my father would support me academically no matter what, but taking my “usual” classes sat with me differently. A psychologist may say I felt excluded, made to be inferior, and alienated which is why I eventually changed to satisfy myself and
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