Understanding Social Media As A Student Of Nursing

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NSB018 Introduction to the Profession of Nursing Priscilla Patuto Student Number: n9698973 Tutor: Jo Foster Assessment Number: 1 Understanding Social Media as a Student of Nursing Step 1 When you observe a person’s line of work, social media will always be involved, regardless whether it plays a large or small part in their career. In the field of nursing, social media has always had great value. The use of blogs, online chat rooms, personalised pages, and discussion forums to communicate both professionally and personally to patients and their family members, after they have left the hospital, are just some of the different ways in which social media has been incorporated into the health system. Nurses who are consistently looking to share their experiences with other health professionals also use social media as a means of support. Blogging is one of the most common ways that nurses use social media. John Lincoln, of Internet marketing company Ignite Visibility, stated that blogging on the industry that nurses love, in a positive and thoughtful way, become subject matter experts. He also stated that having an individual blog and social media presence shows a nurse’s dedication to the field, helps them stay on top of trends in the industry, and looks great to employers. In addition to promoting their value within the workplace, nurses can also use social media to promote their outside, health-related endeavors and interests.
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