Understanding Social Research Assessed Essay

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Understanding Social Research Assessed Essay
Question: All social research whether based on qualitative, quantitative, archival or other forms of data, need to follow the same basic principles of research design. Discuss by drawing on examples of social research that you have read for this module.
The basic principles of research design include devising a research question on a topic to which the researcher is looking to gain knowledge and insight, choosing a sample group of the population to study is also a basic principle of research design. Furthermore deciding which methodological perspective to employ is important as this affects the findings of the researcher because of the fact that quantitative methods allow researchers to generalise to the population in regards to their findings whereas choosing qualitative methods ensures validity, however the findings are not necessarily representative of the population. After having chosen a methodological standpoint the researcher then needs to decide what methods they want to use in their research but also which of these methods will allow them to gain a greater insight into the topic they are studying. Methods such as surveys, interviews, observations and experiments are some of the many ways that researchers are able to gather data. Bryman (2012:46) states that ‘A research design provides a framework for the collection and analysis of data. A choice of research design reflects decisions about the priority being given to a…

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