Understanding Social Work Essay

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This part of portfolio sets out to describe the roles and skills of social workers and how skills are developed through supervision and continuous professional development.

The international definition of social work according to the BASW code of ethics is the social work profession is there to promote social change, Solving problems that occur in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being. Using theories of human Behaviour and social structures, social work interferes at the points where people interact with their situations. Principles of human rights and social justice are fundamental to social work. (BASW code of ethics)

Social work in its numerous forms reports the various, difficult
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Social workers take on a range of roles; they regularly perform as an advocate, broker, and a critical friend, enabling the support that people need through creative use of all available resources. Social workers aims to help deprived people of all ages improve their health and well-being, they aim to improve childcare and support the emotional, mental and physical development of children and young people who need help. Organise good-quality alternate care for the children whose parents are not able to care for them, and for adults who can no longer manage in their own homes. Prevent children and young people from re-offending and protect the public from harm as a consequence. Helps people in poverty to recover their financial position, notifying them about their entitlements and helping them to access work opportunities, training programs and benefits.
Social Workers have essential contribution with older people; the area that deals with such service users is known as Adult Services. A significant part of adult services is caring for and working with older people. This could be said that this area within social work will only enlarge with time as the population continues to age; people are living
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