Understanding Sociology

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Sociology essay Charon (2010) reiterates that humans exist in three realities, which is a physical objective reality, social reality, and a unique. The third reality, a unique, is a product of social reality. It is a private interpretation of the reality that is shown to a person by others. An individual is understood through a society and society through an individual. As individuals we do not draw meaning from objects hence our tendency to act towards things on the basis of meaning attached to them. Human beings can only draw meaning from a person or society as they interact. Individuals actually draw meaning from processes in the context of a relationship within the context of a family or a community. Meanings can only be handled in and modified through an interpretative process and, once a situation is defined as real, it is taken to be real in its consequences. From the context of meaning, which is a core principle of social interaction theory, Turkle (2011) argument that an individual continued interaction with robots as "others" can "diminish us as humans" is very true. AIBO is programmed to have personality that matches that of a man. It is not capable of resetting its original personality. It is put in a program that let it show care that is put into it. The robot has to be put under special care. In fact, individuals are capable of getting thoughts out of robots hence the ease to interact with it. The robot actually has artificial intelligence as they never
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