Understanding Strengths And Weakness Of Leadership Style

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Leadership Self – Reflection
MGT 545X
Summer Quarter
Sullivan University, Louisville

Submitted by Sandhya takkala (stakka0698)

This paper focuses on understanding strengths and weakness of leadership style. This provides to focus on my areas of growth and how they impact on my future career. This paper also discusses advantages of understanding individual styles in leadership.


A leader plays a vital role in any organization and guides people towards a common goal. Managing the organization in an effective manner is an important and hard task. Good leader’s handles tough situations, make decisions effectively, works hard for the better results and manage the team efficiently. “A Leader is a Leader only insofar as he has followers” according to Keirsey and Bates (Please Understand me: page 129, para 1). “Leadership is the influencing process of leaders and followers to achieve an organizational objectives through changes” says Lussier and Achua (2010, page 6, para 1). By reading the Keirsey’s personality and temperaments,
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