Understanding Technology in Neuromancer

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Understanding Technology in Neuromancer Neuromancer, written by William Gibson in 1984, is a novel well ahead of its time. The book predicted many concepts about the internet and cyberspace that exist today. Neuromancer, of the prophetic genre, is a novel that accurately describes and predicts what will happen in the future. Characteristics of the prophetic novel include: dystopian societies, technologies, and progressive thinking. Neuromancer is considered a prophetic novel because it contains many aspects distinct to its genre, such as unique characters, futuristic settings, introspective themes, complex plots, dark atmospheres, and resistant tones. Although the prophetic genre may not appeal to everyone, it certainly is a genre with fresh ideas and innovative thinking. Characters The characters of Neuromancer are very unusual and diverse. Henry Dorsett Case is the computer-hacking, drug abusing protagonist of the novel. He is always in danger of something, whether it is the police arresting him for hacking into a major corporation’s database, or battling his own drug addiction. His problems really begin when he betrays his employers and steals important data from their computers. They then punish him by crippling his nervous system and taking his hacking talent from his brain so he can’t go into cyberspace. He then turns to methamphetamine, crack and alcohol to deal with his frustration. Later, a mysterious man named Armitage has Case’s nervous system repaired. He then
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