Understanding The Appalachian People 's Kinship And Family Life

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Appalachians –The American Family You Haven’t Heard Of When people think of America, they think of white picketed fences, the American dream, and white people living in suburbs. But most people don’t imagine poor, illiterate “hillbillies” (as they are often labelled as). Their upbringing in the household, thoughts on marriage and the like were divergent compared to the rest of the developed western world. This essay will promote the development of understanding the Appalachian people’s kinship and family life, why they practice certain customs and how it affects them. This essay will also take a closer look into why and how the lack of modern technology, low paying jobs/no jobs, media’s portrayal of how families are supposed to be and drug use has influenced the mountaineers and their families in regards to gender roles ,social life, marriage, divorce ,courtship and so on. In addition to that it will also look at the comparison between modern American households and family life to see what differences and similarities they have between each other. Being known as the region synonymous with destitution and home to some of the pauperized counties in the country, Appalachia has always been hidden from or sort of isolated from the rest of the world because of their geographic location. The people of Appalachia are often seen as unintelligent and less civilized than other Americans as they were less developed and not exposed to the commercial world. Because of

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