Understanding The Behavioral Theories And Practices Essay

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Assignment 1 – Person-In-Environment Paper Assisting minority groups describes a need for understanding the behavioral theories and practices. These groups present numerous cultural challenges that one has to identify while working with such populations. The crossing of identities across racial lines presents unique challenges for Social Workers when applying behavior theories to assessment, treatment, and interventions. The vignette introduces Charlie, a 6-year-old child of color, who based on mental health problems within the house lives with his Aunt and stepfather. Examination of the vignette relates to the understanding of Adverse Childhood Experiences, System Theory, and Environmental Perspective Theory. These theories provide insight on the strengths and weaknesses of these from Charlie’s case.
Biopsychosocial Assessment and Development In order to better assess the case, one would need an explanation on the comprehensive understanding of Charlie’s biological, psychological, social, and developmental characteristics that describes the situation. Charlie is a 6 years old African American male who has developed at a normal speed based on his age group. In addition, he was an extremely curious toddler who had language skills that were above his age group. Because his mother was having recurrent depressive episodes, Charlie finally separated from his mother to live with his aunt. Given the continued family problem Charlie experiences the feeling of separation.
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