Understanding The Birth Of The Renaissance

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Understanding the birth of The Renaissance is as simple as understanding that the quality of a straight razor shave is superior to that of a commercially stamped multi bladed razor. Looking retroactively at the years leading up to this rebirth one can note the beginning of reflection the Ancient World and the ins-and-outs of Roman culture. Influencing architecture, art, and social construction, a desire for the classics pulled Europe from the slumping years of the fading High Middle Ages.
Actively bringing back Roman and Gothic elements of architecture including: Domes, support methods, and construction techniques were all features included in Renaissance architecture, however the learning and understanding of these classical techniques allowed the Renaissance man to further innovate. Master Goldsmith, Filippo Brunelleschi, was one of the key overseers of the crown jewel of these new innovations, a reimagined dome. Inspired by Gothic Architecture, Brunelleschi set out to remove the flying buttress that would normally support the dome externally. Removing these pivotal means of support required that new forms of support be found and implemented. Using the herring bone design often found ornamentally in Rome, weight could now be pushed down and outward effectively allocating pressure. Also borrowed from Gothic architecture was the use of chained support. Like the Amiens Cathedral multiple linked chains were used to act as a binding tool for increased stability. Additionally
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