Understanding The Business Process Change

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Understanding Business Process Change
To speak intelligently about the importance of understanding business process change as it relates to employment, it is important to define what business process change means. In the simplest of terms, business process change is a modification to a company’s existing business process. This process could be manual, automated or both. The goal of such changes are to improve the performance and productivity of a company. Advances in technology and globalization are two of the major drivers behind the increased popularity of business process change. “Change and relentless competition calls for constant innovation and for constant increases in productivity… both call for an intense focus on how work gets done. To focus on how the work gets done is to focus on business process” (Harmon, 2010, p.22). To understand business process change means to recognize that these changes requires careful planning, proper training and oversight to ensure a smooth transition. Given this definition, what role does business process change play in employment plans? Why is important to understand business process change?
In my case, understanding the importance helped to lessen the impact of being laid-off recently. Prior to the layoffs, my employer distributed a number of informative videos discussing the organization’s upcoming business process changes in various areas. Business process change can be stressful resulting in poor morale and support. Therefore,…
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